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Elevate Coffee Review | Elevate Smart Coffee Review

First a little about myself, my name is Crystal and am 34 years old. I have 3 young children and just started working again after being a stay at home mom for several years. My youngest is 2 years old and I have been struggling to lose weight after having my last child. I weight approximately 165 pounds when I started the elevate smart coffee and lost quiet a bit of weight, i’ll reveal the total towards the end of my review =).

My good friend Lisa, who is around the same age as me weighed 210 pounds at only 5’4″. I started to ask questions when I noticed that she was really having some major success with her weight loss. At the time, Lisa had lost about 25 pounds without any major diet or exercise. How did she do it? She told me about this elevate coffee that she drank daily by mixing it with her morning cup of coffee. I was immediately interested and got my hands on a few elevate coffee samples.

Purchase and Shipping

Elevate brew has to be purchased through an authorized reseller, its also available for sale on sites like eBay but the price is usually higher and I have heard that some are not authentic. I purchased my smart coffee through theelevateshop.com which is the site Lisa referred me to. I had to create an account and signed up for their smart ship program. This saved me something like $5-$6 a month and I didn’t have to worry about ever running out of my coffee. My coffee arrived in about 4 days and included some reading material about the product and its nootropic effects.

How does Elevate Coffee Taste?

The instructions suggest mixing a scoop of coffee in 4-8 oz of hot or water. I tried this method, however had a tough time with the taste as it was a bit bland and watered down. I started to mix it with my regular cup of Kureg coffee each morning which made it actually taste great! So I would definitely suggest mixing your smart coffee with your morning cup of Joe.

Don’t get me wrong, it takes a couple of days to get use to the taste but after 2 or 3 days I don’t taste much of a difference. Add your favorite creamer or any other mixers in there as you would with your regular cup of coffee as well.

What are Elevate Coffee Side Effects

On Average, I drink about 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day. I did not feel any jitters or get the shakes or anything like that from drinking the smart coffee. The only thing that I noticed was that I had some constipation the first 2 days, however after that, I went through what felt was a great detox! I was using the bathroom more than usual and my stomach felt much ‘lighter’ as if my system was ‘flushed’. In no way would I consider this a negative side effect of the smart coffee and actually welcomed it as it made me feel great and not bloated.

I introduced this to several other friends who have had similar side effects but some reported none of the above. So, I guess it really depends on the person and how your stomach will take to the smart coffee. Over all I can not report any bad side effects of elevate coffee.

Elevate Coffee for Weight Loss

For me, post pregnancy weight loss has definitely been a tough task and as I have learned gets more difficult as I got older. One of the major side effects of elevate coffee has been the curbing of my appetite. I previously had a desire to eat and snack even when I knew I wasn’t hungry. However, I feel the claims of curbing the appetite is in fact true, in my case at least. I no longer get cravings to eat and also eat less during meal times.

In the last 3 months I have lost a total of 28 pounds and am almost at my target weight of 125 pounds. Since I started drinking elevate brew coffee, my pants have gone from a size 10 to a size 6! I have not worn size 6 jeans since before my first pregnancy!

Elevate Happy Coffee for Mood Enhancement

Where to buy smart coffeeAs I mentioned earlier I have three young boys, two of which are going to school. Needless to say, my mornings are a bit crazy and I can honestly say that I was too. Crazy that is! However, I notice that I am much calmer in the mornings and have a better handle on getting the kids up and out of the house. This picture honestly says it all and I contribute it to my morning cup of smart brew!

The funny thing is, my husband started to drink the coffee. Simply because I was no longer a ‘crazy mess’ in the mornings. Even though he does not need to lose weight, he has also seen enhancements in his mood at work and at home while drinking the happy coffee.

One of my co-workers called me Mary Poppins since I started the coffee. She notices a difference in my mood and obvious weight loss as well. Yes, she bought a tub last week and is in love with it as well! Soon i’ll have the whole office drinking this stuff.

Elevate Smart Coffee Review Conclusion

Overall I am totally in love with elevate coffee and will soon try the XanthoMax supplement as well. There really aren’t any cons that I can think of. One of my friends who has a sensitive stomach complained of an upset stomach after trying an elevate sample pack. I suggested that she try half a scoop the first 2-3 days until her body got use to the effects and she is now taking a full serving without any complications. Looking for a more natural way to lose weight, elevate your mood and get rid of the flu? Check out our Homemade Organic Elderberry Syrup Jar (16 oz).

I would highly recommend trying a sample or purchasing a month supply before joining their smart ship program to see how your body takes to the nootropics in elevate coffee. Please comment below with any questions or to share your experience and review about elevate smart coffee or other elevacity products!


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What is Elevate Smart Coffee?

Elevate Brew is a delicious Dark Colombian Roasted Coffee infused with espresso. The Nootropics in Elevate Coffee are proven to give enhance your mood, curb cravings and so much more! Learn more about the the best smart coffee on the market today.

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