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Not all CBD (Cannabidiol) oils are made the same! We have been getting a ton of emails asking about the new Hemp Oil. What makes Hemp Oil different from the other CBD or Hemp Oil supplements on the market today? With that said, lets review how many different hemp oil or CBD oils are found with a simple google search today.

cbd oil google results

So a simple google search of the term CBD Oil yielded over 137 million web page results. That’s a ridiculously high number of websites. And they are all promoting different CBD oils or talking about benefits or harms CBD or Hemp Oil can do to our bodies and minds.

Be sure to do your research before committing to a hemp product! Remember that the content of the cannabis plants are extracted through a scientific process. Be aware of the source of the cannabis and of course its quality. Keep in mind that this is going to have a direct impact on the potency and purity of the product. As well as the CBD Hemp Oil absorption rate through your body. 

Hemp Oil has been tested and its results verified by an independent organization. It showed to actually do what the label says and there are thousands of customer reviews and testimonials to show that this product stands tall above the other plethora of more genetically modified competitors.


Buying Hemp Oil

Another important thing you must keep in mind when someone tries to sell you Hemp Oil products. Is to remember that most Hemp Oils purchased through friends, acquaintances or even online are sold through referral programs. These are also called MLM or Multi Level Marketing. Do you research and make sure they are not selling you as part of a pyramid scheme and their service is a true network marketing company. An example of a MLM or Network Marketing is Elepreneur.

Know that I have been a part of their program for some time and the pay structure and bonuses are on another level when it comes to compensating their team members. Comment below if you have any experience with similar companies, good or bad.

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