Be Happy

What does it take to be truly happy? Is it money, a big house being with the love of your life?


Everyone has their own way to define happiness. Most would say love is part of the formula along with money and being in good health. Science says happiness is contingent on chemicals released by our brain and social interactions.


There is a saying, and it goes something like 'whoever said money doesn't buy happiness, never had any'. I can't disagree with this statement as money is certainly a should have when it comes to happiness but not an absolute must.

where to buy hemplevate


Not all CBD oils are made the same! We have been getting a ton of emails asking what makes Hemplevate different

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What is a nootropic?

In short Nootropics are pills known as smart drugs. Just like the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper. In the film, he takes the pills to be able to use 100% of his brain…

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Guide to Nootropics

What are Nootropics?

This is a quick review of what nootropics are. We will have several more articles covering this in the near future but here is a little something to think about…

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