The Truth About Amphetamines vs Nootropics


The Truth About Amphetamines vs Nootropics

What are Amphetamines?

Amphetamines are drugs that elevate the activity of certain chemicals in the brain. They can be illegal such as Methamphetamine or legally prescribed by a doctor under ADHD medication called Adderall amongst many others.

With all the talk of Adderall as well as newly released ADHD medicines at an all time high, the concerns grow. Certainly nootropics are the much better option, and through the use of nootropics as well as making use of simply the right amount of these mystical little clever medications, you can boost overall mind feature, eliminate any previous cognitive problems, as well as also obtain a getaway from our tablet popping, amphetamine-addled globe.


When making use of an amphetamine, although it may appear more reliable, amusing, and even blissful in the short run. Know that over time it can become exceptionally detrimental to your health. Luckily nonetheless, nootropics offer a retreat from that nasty course of amphetamine dependency. And through long-term use, you can enhance total brain functions. As well as completing more work in the long term than you ever would have on amphetamines.

Nootropics system of activity functions mostly on the acetylcholine receptors. Rather than on dopamine and also serotonin like the habit forming amphetamines branch of medicines. This makes them non-neurotoxic. It also enables them to boost both as well as long-term brain function, enhancing overall wellness in the process. You will need to stay with the nootropics for at least 2 months. Although most will start to feel the effects within only a few days. This type of result is A LOT MORE reliable than building a high tolerance to prescription drugs. Just to at some point go through an incapacitating withdrawal to get off of it.

What are the best nootropics?

Below’s a listing of my choice of nootropics that you must try before popping that Adderall the next time you need to research for an exam, or have that big paper to complete. They may not be quite as solid or euphoric, but they have collective effects that will make them stronger in the long-term as opposed to weak, and they will certainly ensure that you remain happy, healthy and balanced, efficient, as well as dependency free to prescription drugs.

Dose Smart Supplements

DOSE by Elevate Smart Brew
XanthoMax and Elevate Brew Smart Coffee

D.O.S.E by Elevacity – The XanthoMax smart pills have been proven to enhance and accelerate the release of the 4 happiness hormones. I have been taking the Elevate smart coffee along with the XanthoMax pills for approximately 6 months. One of the main things I have noticed is that my chronic back pain that I have lived with for many years is gone! Yes, no more back pain. I highly recommend this and can probably get you a couple of samples if interested.



D – Dopamine

O – Oxytocin

S – Serotonin

E – Endorphins


Phenylpiracetam – Phenylpiracetam is, from my experience, one of the most stimulant-like of the list, and also of the nootropics overall. Phenylpiracetam resembles Adderall’s results with its potency, efficiency, and also it’s mood enhancing results. Although tolerance does enhance with this nootropic, however, there will be no withdrawal. You can also the dosage can be raised by as high as 7 times the regular daily dose. There have also been no reports of adverse effects. It is a terrific nootropic for when you require a boost, and it is my number one suggested Adderall replacement.

Sunifiram – Another among my preferred nootropics, second only to Phenylpiracetam only in that everybody reacts in different ways to it. It is an ampakine nootropics that is 1-5000 time stronger than the original nootropic. Sunifiram comes very close to Adderall in its stimulant-like impacts. Sunifiram also has actually the added benefit of improving memory and also the quality of vision. It is a remarkable study tool for any individual that requires to cram before a test.

Noopept – This nootropic possesses collective results on par with other, and also because of that is my favorite for long-term use. Within fifteen minutes of sublingually ingesting the little tablet, you can feel some clarity kick in. In addition to memory, focus, psychological endurance, and overall energy levels. At the proper dosages (10-30 milligrams 1-3 times per day), Noopept can be the ideal research and/or general cognitive enhancement aid for anyone. It can also be more powerful than the dangerous Adderall over just short periods of taking it. I advise it to anyone over an amphetamine, and also know that it won’t disappoint.


For Long Term Use…

Aniracetam+ Citicoline-For long-term cognitive performance, as well as for curing any type of neurotoxicity Adderall may have carried your mind in the past, as well as Aniracetam/Citicoline routine of simply a few weeks can substantially restore brain feature, enhance memory, lower anxiousness degrees, and also reduce desires. Aniracetam integrated with a powerful choline source and also supplemented for the long-term is a terrific Adderall choice, and can have increasing effects that will much outweigh whatever Adderall might carry out in a provided time period.

The winner is… Nootropics for sure and my top pick is the D.O.S.E. smart coffee and XanthoMax combo to take the crown. Nootropics are the key to the future, and also are an impressive, more potent, more secure, and also in the future, more reliable choice to unsafe stimulants in the amphetamine category. Although their effects might be far more subtle, in the long and short time frames, you’ll be glad you stuck with them. You will see great mental and also physical benefits as they are utilized for long-lasting renovation of your mind and body.

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