Weight Watchers Smart Points Allowance Calculator

ww points plus calculator

Weight Watchers Smart Points Allowance Calculator

The Weight Watchers PointsPlus program incorporates eating healthy and working out, and also is based on the means your body individually processes food. Unlike various other dietary programs, this one enables you to eat whatever foods you desire, as long as you don’t look at your allowed daily points. You can find a quick breakdown of how may Weight Watchers Points are in your favorite foods here.

Weight Watchers ProgramsFor this program, you will need to buy the Weight Watchers Calculator. The calculator enables you to input your personal info, such as your height and weight, and calculate and track your total consumption of points. To power on your calculator, pull out the clear plastic tab by the battery port. Below are setup instructions…

Step 1

Enter your personal details into the calculator by pushing the symbol that is in the form of a wrench. This icon will be used frequently, as it is also pushed anytime you intend to set up your once a week allowance of points. You will be asked to put in info such as age, sex, current weight and also height. And if you intend to lose weight or preserve your present weight. After this information is in, you will be supplied with a daily point allocation.

Step 2

weight watchers calculatorCalculate the PointsPlus values by going into the foods enjoy eating right into the calculator. However you should have the nutritional values close by for all of the foods. Nearly all foods come with a ingredients and nutritional value label so this should be easy to find. To begin going into food information, press the PointsPlus button, after that select “Enter”. There are four fields that need to be completed. Consisting of healthy protein, carbs, total fat as well as fiber. Input the quantities, as they are shown on the nutritional label and. Once completed, you will be given per serving point values for each specific food you entered..

Step 3

Start keeping track of your daily point values. Each time you calculate a value for a specific food, the word “Use” will show on your screen. Press enter into to deduct this food from your complete day-to-day allowance. If you have taken in greater than one serving, the calculator gives you the ability to multiply it by the servings you had. It will then immediately subtract the added points from your daily allowance. The very same holds true if you did not have a whole serving. Use the divide button to allow the calculator to know how much less of a serving you had.

Step 4

View your day-to-day goals several times a day to make sure you are staying on track and won’t exceed the allocated daily WW Points. You can do this by, pressing the icon that looks like a pencil. The total remaining points for the day will show on the screen. Press the down arrow, to see your overall weekly allocation.

Overall I believe the Weight Watchers Points program is a great way to keep track of your daily intake and to also make the weight loss journey a bit exciting. There are definitely pros and cons to the Weight Watchers Points system but I do give it a thumbs up!


Your calculator will immediately ask you to update your weight on a weekly basis. You must continue to input your updated weight weekly for the WW Points program to work as intended and for you to meet your weight loss goals.

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