Be Wealthy

Most would define wealthy as having a lot of money. In this case being wealthy is not only referencing monetary possessions but also life’s tiny little luxuries.


Education is one of the most important things to start building your path and strategy for gathering wealth. Not saying it is a requirement as there have been drop outs that hit it big. But if your plan is to work in an office somewhere, will need a college degree.


There are many ways to earn additional flow of monthly income on top of your current earnings. We will cover different methods varying from investing in the stock market to driving an Uber or being part of a multi level marketing campaign.

Budgeting Methods

How to Setup a Budget

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have no idea where their money goes after each paycheck. Do you know where your paycheck goes? Are you aware of how much money remains

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Learn about Cryptocurrency

What is a Cryptocurrency A cryptocurrency is an virtual or digital currency that utilizes cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is tough to counterfeit because of this security function. Many cryptocurrencies

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