Elepreneur Elevate Coffee MLM the honest review…

elevate coffee mlm

Elepreneur Elevate Coffee MLM the honest review…

Thanks for your interest in the Elevate Coffee MLM program. You may have heard of Elevate coffee or seen it on your social media feed. The new Smart Coffee frenzy is taking the internet by storm and now is the time you must join and take advantage of your piece of the market! This is what I was telling myself after about 4 months of using the Elevate smart coffee myself.

I purchased elevate coffee after my friend lost over 30 pounds in 3 months using the smart coffee. Like many moms out there, I also had a few extra pounds to lose. I spent a few days were spent reading up on it’s nootropic effects and with that, I was sold! Check out one of our reader’s unbiased elevate smart coffee review

My smart coffee was delivered!

My smart coffee was delivered promptly and I was in love with smart coffee! I won’t get into the coffee effects itself in this post but I will follow up with one soon. Now my friends began telling me that I looked thinner and wanted to know how I lost the weight. I began to tell them about the Elevate coffee  and referred 4 girls and 2 guys to my source. They signed up and purchased the smart coffee and some even the D.O.S.E. Experience which is the coffee and the XanthoMax supplement.

During the next 30 to 45 days, those 6 friends that I referred to my source had also sent over 2 or 3 of their friends. I thought to myself, as an Elepreneur I could have easily earned at least 22% of all the sales I generated for my source.

I became a Elepreneur!

Smart Coffee DistributorNeedless to say, I went to the Elevate Coffee enrollment website and signed up. The cost to become an Elepreneur is a minimum of $24.99 for the system entry and it includes the following…

Next, I had to decide which starting package I should go with. Take a look at what each elevate coffee mlm starter pack includes…

elepreneur elevate coffee mlm  
elepreneur elevate coffee mlm The Happy pack includes over $600 worth of products and samples to get your business started!  
elepreneur elevate coffee mlm  
Happiest Elepreneur experience The Happier package is jam packed with more than double the content of its predecessor and is sure to get you off to a great start selling elevate coffee! ($900 value)  

elevate coffee samplesI went with the Happier package since I wanted a lot of samples to give my friends (leads) to try. Well, the D.O.S.E. experience alone is $30 each! Before I knew it my Facebook was buzzing with elevate smart coffee talk. I was so excited to see new customers sign up and the emails to fill my inbox.

A few things I love about Elevate Coffee MLM and Elepreneurs

  • Get paid via direct deposits weekly
  • Network Marketing – MLM is NOT a pyramid scheme
  • Tax deductions – You can write off expenses for your business
  • The product – I love the product and so does everyone else!
  • Bonuses – Earn weekly and monthly bonuses as your sales increase
  • Huge commissions – Earn 100% of top two sellers and 22% off each sale
  • Hot product – Smart Coffee is on fire and has potential for a huge return

Watch this 3 minute video on the Elepreneur Compensation Plan

How much money do I make selling Elevate Coffee?

This is what we really care about anyway right? So in my first 4 months I made a total of $2,130! That’s when I became a sponsor, in other words I had folks that signed up to become Elepreneurs on my team. The following 4 months being an Elepreneur made me $8,160. Last month at the time of writing this article I made $2,680. For a 8 month total of $10,290.

Since my smart coffee revenue has increased every single month I have made a potential return chart below.

smart coffee mlm commission history

I truly feel that you can make as much money or as little money as you want with the Elepreneur Elevate coffee mlm business. I have worked hard to get to this point and will continue to build this business.

Overall, I could not be happier that I found this opportunity with Elepreneur mlm. If you are interested join Elevacity and sell smart coffee or have any questions please drop me a line!

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